What’s on at RAF Bradwell Bay?

Nothing till next year. All of this years events have been and gone.

We are looking at doing something rather exciting in the summer though.

Watch this space!

List of Talks

These talks are available to be delivered at your premises. The talks can be delivered based on a collection held on the day. If the venue is more than a 20-mile distance form Bradwell on Sea a £20 travelling cost will need to be charged.

Airfield Defence – How the aerodrome and surrounding area was protected from invasion and air-raids.

The Story of RAF Bradwell Bay – Learn how the RAF arrived at Bradwell on Sea in the mid 1930’s and left in 1945.

FIDO – How RAF Bradwell Bay was one of only 15 aerodromes equipped with fog dispersal equipment

 First and Last – Key events during the History of RAF Bradwell Bay

Fighter Command – How Britain developed air superiority and won the Battle of Britain.

 Secret Army – Who would have defended the Dengie Peninsular if Britain was invaded?

Music of War -    Hear how music has been an important part of warfare as a moral raiser for the military and those at home.

A Family Military History – Tracing Military ancestors can raise some surprises both good and bad. Through the family of our historian Eric Simonelli. A subtitle could be from VC to Deserter.

First Daylight Bombing Raid – WW1 first raid on London in daylight by Gotha Bombers.